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Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
As the great Steve Irwin once said, video is the best way to inspire others and pass your passion onto them. I grew up with a love for wildlife and I've been studying it all my life. It wasn't until I got immersed in photography and cinematography that I was able to truly share this passion. I want to pass my passion for wildlife and nature to the rest of the planet, and I want to do this by telling and showing the stories of this wild world.
I am a biologist and conservationist at heart, so every time I shoot an otter catching its prey, a rattlesnake coiled and rattling, or tell the story of how to protect our freshwater turtles, it fills me with absolute joy to document it and share it with others. In addition to my cinematography experience, I have over half a decade of field experience working with research projects, so I am very independent in the field. I work well in a team but also do the majority of my work solo, so working alone is not a problem. 
I have worked with high production film crews like CBC's Nature of Things and know how to organize and produce beautiful shots. I have experience working with drones and know how to capture time laspses using DSLR cameras. 

Past Work

CBC's Hello Spring

Sequence Work (2020)

Plimsoll Productions

Camera Assistant: Sequence Work (2019)

Set Design and Creation (2019)

Wild Weather: Sun (CBC's Nature of Things)

Camera Assistant: Sequence Work (2019)

Set Design and Creation (2019)


Tracking Ghosts

Co-director (2019)

Camera; Sequence Work (2019)

International Wildlife Film Festival LABS

LABS Fellow (2019)

Canada: A Year in the Wild (Channel 5, Tigress)

Animal Handler (2018)

Second Assistant Camera (2018)

Set Designer (2018)

Grip (2018)

International Wildlife Film Festival

Daytime Sessions Coordinator (2018)


Our Incredible World

Animal Handler (2017)

 Fixer (2017)



Wild Canadian Year: Spring (CBC Nature of Things)

Animal Handler (2017)

Second Assistant Camera (2017)

Grip (2017)


Wild Canadian Year: Spring (CBC Nature of Things)

Animal Handler (2016)

Second Assistant Camera (2016)

Grip (2016)



Discovery's Daily Planet

Animal Handler (2015)



Let Me Capture Your Vision 

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